Sintu is an App that collects Pan-African Oral Literature in the many languages it is found in into a central and easily accessible place.  It’s an ongoing experiment and attempt to use crowd-sourcing to fill up missing or partial knowledge systems.  Can various groups of people successfully cooperate to share stories and create a rich hiqh-quality knowledge base?

A gap in world literature
The utility of this app is that a lot of African writings aren’t easily accessible apart from special collections such as those found in University Libraries and cultural museums.  Such specialized collections often still miss large volumes of stories and commentary. Finding African literature in any type of collection is additionally harder due to that a lot of it is Oral. As older generations pass away and newer generations find other competing forms of entertainment the oral stories that make up African literature don’t get passed on and become rare or forgotten. This project aims to preserve that knowledge.

A low-latency app (supporting low-internet speeds and minimal audio file sizes) to record in audio the different languages spanning the Africas and the African Diaspora.

Alpha Testing (Nov 2015)

Crowd-Sourcing of African Oral Literature

Crowd-Sourcing of African Oral Literature