Recurse Center Initial Thoughts (Day 0)

I’ve started to see programming as a philosophy, an art. A way to model truth or truthful aspects of something. Sometimes to search out the truth of a thing, an entity, a system requires deepening one’s knowledge of that specific thing. It requires exploration, depth, passion. This is what I see Recurse Center (RC) as — a place to discover and deeply learn in the context of a community.

The first day at RC has been interesting and affirming of the ideas I had of Recurse Center, particularly the passionate in-depth exploration of tech topics (languages, systems) with the support of a community of like-minded people.

From the multiple Meet & Greets that happened in the morning, the panels on “choosing and scoping projects”, “common struggles and how people deal with them” and the presentations (demos of current projects) of the current Recursers it has been a great experience. I find I’ve so much in common with many people here — whether it be technical or philosophical. Even on topics where in the past I’ve found it difficult to find mentors or sympathizers, Digital Signal Processing for example or building Linux from Scratch, I know a few people already interested in those topics.

I’m looking forward to the coming days & months!

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