In my West-African drum class the instructor has given us our “passport” a basic rhythm that finds itself as a base in many traditional West African rhythms. On new years’ day in San Francisco I stumbled upon a nighttime drum circle. I couldn’t resist the urge to join so I did and I began to use the passport, even on rhythms I hadn’t heard before. My passport allowed me to fit right in and harmoniously contribute to the vibrancy of the drum circle.

A day later meditating on the experience I realized those who are fortunate travel with them a passport they never have to carry. Their minds and views open them to many experiences, places, worlds unknown. Who we are, and who we allow ourselves to be can open us to new experiences and adventures. An open mind, genuine heart, determined resolve, humility and flexibility are some traits that become a passport to positive and fulfilling experiences.

While on this earth one is a traveler. One’s beliefs, one’s views are one’s passport.  You are a traveler. You are the passport. That is power.

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