Being afraid to be wrong, to be embarrassed, to be vulnerable is censorship of the soul.  I’m aware in my life there are certain types of ideas, emotions, events I would like to express or experience but will not due to such fears. It becomes more visible each day that focusing on external fears at the expense and harm of  the soul’s deepest yearnings is the core of living a limited and unfulfilling life. There cannot be a more essential practice or goal than to begin learning how to remove the hindrances that prevent one from full self expression.

The goal of  being human is to express one’s humanity.  Full self expression is the end goal of being human. As humans we intuitively understand this as we have labeled  efforts that prevent personal expression (life, liberty, pursuit of happiness) as crimes against humanity. When one uses fear to limit one’s own capacity of expression it is committing crimes against one’s own humanity. In like manner removing the fears that limits one’s expression is the preservation and enrichment of one’s humanity.

Human fulfillment is finding one’s voice, finding one’s likes and dislikes, finding a path (career, relationship, practice etc.,) that makes one happy .  Such fulfillment is achieved by a genuine understanding of one’s deepest desires and a genuine response to one’s deepest desires.  Using fear to limit one’s expression creates an unfulfilling response to one’s deepest desires leading to an unfulfilling life.

Unlearning living an unfulfilling life for me begins with living without fear. This isn’t a blind denial to the existence of fear but it’s an intellectual realization that fear has no use in one’s decision making. When fear is removed in one’s decision making process one can become free to grow, learn and experience life in unbounded ways. One can only wonder what would the world be like if we didn’t dim the light of our hearts and censor the yearnings of our souls.

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