Personal Cloud in a Raspberry Pi

For about seven months I’ve been experimenting quite a bit with offline ‘wireless’ technology. I’m really interested in radical ways of communicating and sharing information. The world can be a better place when we can communicate and share cheaply and/or freely. Two months ago I made progress by creating a rather simple Python library called “Nobu” that transforms a Raspberry Pi into a personal cloud device.

Details: Essentially plugin a USB wireless dongle (must be a Realtek Chip), install Nobu, choose an SSID name and a password. Nobu will broadcast the SSID allowing a user who knows the password (you for example) to connect to the Network running on the Pi. Simple right?

Once you’re connected to the Pi’s local network you can access any Web Service you may have already installed on the Pi. Imagine having a Flask or Sinatra server that can stream your movies/images from your Pi to your Computer/Mobile phone. (check out my Sinatra-MongoDB starter code: Sipo).


1. Miracast — Wifi-Direct
I do have a flimsy/work-in-progress project that uses Wifi-Direct to connect a Raspbery-Pi to an Android device, and that part works so far! Just need to get both parties to send information to each other (sockets). I’m also exploring broadcasting Pi’s media into a TV or any other media device! Sort of what Piracast does but applying even to RealTek chips.

2. Service Discovery
I want to create or integrate service discovery into the library. It seems zero-conf already performs Multicast DNS Service Discovery.

Tis all

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