My Incentive to be Creative

Innovation is about technicality and creativity. Innovation is about Depth of understanding and Breadth of expression. Recently I talked about different incentive models for societies or individuals to participate in certain causes. Now I’ll put my incentive to create and innovate in words, as a sincere declaration of myself and a reminder to myself.

My incentive is less about advancing my own wellbeing but more about advancing the wellbeing of others. However to properly advance another’s wellbeing I’m pushed to acquire more knowledge and seek out greater and broader depths of expression. Inadvertently I advance myself.

My incentive isn’t to bring notoriety to myself (self praise). I refuse the temptation to accept any flawed thought that would suggest I’m “special” or better than another. Not only would such a thought be personally damaging, but how does/can one quantify worth between individuals? By being more educated am I better than the uneducated farmer who spent his best years toiling the land to pay for the education of his 10 children?

Heroism vs celebrity — it’s about impact vs accolades. Mandela once talked about heroism in his upbringing. Heroism, in the context of Ubuntu, is enduring personal injustice to become a hero for one’s community. Receiving the Nobel Peace Prize wasn’t worth 27 years in prison, but becoming a “hero” and freeing a nation was worth 27 years in prison for Mandela.  The service of others can bring the best potential of ourselves. I don’t aim for praise, I aim for change. I’m constantly asking myself How can I evolve inwardly and outwardly to significantly improve the world around me.

Lastly my incentive to create is self-fulfillment. I enjoy the creator’s delight of bringing something new into the world, from thought to physical, from idealogical to actual. It’s as if I was created to create.

With my projects I’ve listed so far, and a few others private or in their infancy, it’s important I maintain my guiding light. Impact is my life’s mantra. Positive change is my mission. I’m attempting to be a brilliant servant in the service for humanity.

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