Recurse Center Initial Thoughts (Day 0)

I’ve started to see programming as a philosophy, an art. A way to model truth or truthful aspects of something. Sometimes to search out the truth of a thing, an entity, a system requires deepening one’s knowledge of that specific thing. It requires exploration, depth, passion. This is what I see Recurse Center (RC) as — a place to discover and deeply learn in the context of a community.

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Why you should learn to code

A programmable sytem on a chip (PSOC). A great intro to hardware + software.

In the Middle and Dark Ages only the elite and educated knew how to read and write. Fast forward a few hundred years later almost everyone can read and write.

In today’s ever increasing Digital World coding is becoming how we read and write. It’s becoming central to how we share ideas and create. Unfortunately only a few us us can code. Those of us who can code we’re NOT special, we’re not all super smart — we’re just ahead of the curve.

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Minimizing for More Clarity (Raspberry PI 3 + Docker setup)

I’ve been working a lot with C and experimenting with Assembly Language the past few months and the attractiveness of minimalism has grown on me. I recently decided to downsize much of my coding environment to a Raspberry Pi in an effort to be as minimal as possible.  For any extra computing I have access to various cloud servers (Amazon, Digital Ocean). There are certain pros and cons to doing this –but so far the pros have been great:

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Engineering Day 4 (The Interview)

So you have an interview coming up. You’re excited, you want to wow your interviewer, but how do you do that? Some general advice to keep in mind for your next interview.

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